Kazzicom are the leading IT Consultancy in the UK

Our whole ethos is about customer care and service delivery, our award winning levels of customer care and satisfaction is what makes us the company of choice.
We pride ourselves on ensuring our staff are always courteous, attentive and there to assist at any time of the day. After all, problems don't always occur during normal office hours!

  • We can support your whole IT business infrastructure, networks and software.
  • We are a leading supplier of business consultancy services to help nurture your business.
  • We have first class support services, are flexible and can provide support 24x7
  • We have leading integration specialists, who able to integrate any system.
  • We utilise First class remote support software.
  • We use Clustered server technology to provide 99.97% uptime of our services.
  • We provide an SMS system capable of global reach with MMS, EMS and 2-way messaging supported.
  • We have a POS system that is utilised across all sectors of retail and wholesale businesses.
  • We provide mapping systems for towns across the globe, allowing locations to be visualised.
  • We have software that monitors websites and allow you to communicate directly to visiting customers.

Attention to detail

Our team of highly professional staff take great pride in every single customer project that they work on to ensure that each one is completed on time, and to the highest standards possible.