Pos Global is the top end of our Pos solution range. It is purchased on a per site basis meaning that you get all the Pos Global functionality on unlimited number of machines per site.

Pos Global encompasses all the available modules in the software including additional bonus modules exclusively for Pos Global customers. If you are investing in a high value product such as this, you more than likely will want to view data from the system in a certain way. Rather than having then to pay for report customisation, Pos Global comes with 10 report changes or new reports.

As well as the custom reports this package also comes with 2 days consultancy, these can be used how ever you wish. Most people will tend to use them to have the system install and setup. Two days in normally enough for this procedure. Additional days can be purchased from our shop.

The software comes as separate Till & Backoffice software application, but both have to ability to act as the opposite software package. This then enables you to be able to replace a down till with a spare backoffice machine at the touch of a switch without having any need for reprogramming and setup.

As the software is continuously in development to meet the changing requirements of the market place, any new modules/features will automatically be given to you when you upgrade at no additional cost. Having this option then allows you to have the optimum system at all times making sure you stay ahead of the competition for ability to serve customers quickly and easily.

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