PosOffice provides users with the ability to run on a more high demand level. By splitting Till & BackOffice software you get more flexibility by having dedicated software for a dedicated purpose.

An example of this would be a shop that requires a Till system, but would like to control all the stock and other backoffice functions in an office in another part of the building.

Rather than having two Pos2Go running you would have a program that is dedicated to Till functionality and a program dedicated to all other Pos functions, such as stock management and running of reports.

You require one till that can handle customer accounts and already have a PC which you use with your Sage to handle transaction accounts.

We recommend Pos2Go with the Advanced Stock Features Module, along with the Advanced Payments Module. This choice will then enable all of the above, but will also allow the customer to do additional tasks such as Stock Checks (separate stock check device may be required), accept multiple currency (including Travellers Cheques), along with the ability to use Mag Stripe & Smartcards for loyalty schemes (cards not included).

Pos Office Till so that your sales staff can process their transactions and customer details, whilst you can sit in an office with your Pos Office Backoffice software knowing that your system is in safe hands by utilizing the security features.

The security features allow you to set access permissions within the system for various functions such as discounts, opening the cash drawer without a sale, or changing configuration options. This will then enable you to process your transactions into Sage and also change stock pricing and apply sale discounts and other stock maintenance to have immediate effect on the till, all without having to stop sales whilst you make the changes.

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